Clear Lake and League CityBuyer Resources

Has the Thought of Purchasing Clear Lake and League City Real Estate Crossed Your Mind- Let the Journey Begin!

How Much Can I Afford?  What Do You Want to Spend?

  • You don’t want to over-buy and be in a money crunch each month.
  • You don’t want to under-buy because you didn’t know how to comfortably afford your absolute dream home.
  • To help you find your comfort zone, we’ve provided a list of mortgage companies (in case you don’t have one).
  • Don’t let the eye candy get the best of your emotions and regret your decision in the future! Consult with your REALTOR®.
  • You want a home you will continue to love and can afford.   
New furniture, entertaining, and family life will continue to have their wishes and requirements beyond the closing on this new home. 

We want you to continue to respect the assistance and real estate guidance we have given you.  Let’s find the price range that’s just right for you and look at those homes!  Now, doesn’t that make sense?  Great!  On to the next step of the journey.

Consider the Location of Your Dream Home?  

  • Think about job location, and your comfortable driving range from there.
  • Review schools, shopping, medical services, churches, activities, transportation, and highway accessibility in that area.
  • Look at the homes and amenities available within that defined area. Now, let’s narrow the search even more. 
  • Is there a special part of town, or subdivision, that appeals to you? Find out now.

What Does Your Clear Lake and League City Dream Home Look and Feel Like?

Take time to explore the home in your mind and experience the joy of home ownership.  You can help paint the picture in your mind by asking the questions below.  These will help you consider important points, and alleviate unnecessary confusion and costly mistakes.
  • What would you want in your dream home?
  • Describe what your home looks like?
  • One story or two?
  • What square footage size to heat and cool?
  • Number of bedrooms?  Baths?
  • What features do you want?  Why are these important?
  • What features are necessary?  Why?
  • How important are schools, churches, shopping centers, sports, cultural events?
  • Do you want a pool?
  • What kind of neighborhood do you want?
  • Pre-owned or new construction? (there are pro's and con's to each)
  • When will you need to be in your new home?
  • How long do you plan to stay in your new home?  Will you have relocation assistance?
  • What are your plans when you sell?  What are your needs in your next home?
There are a few other questions that aren’t about your new home, but are important so we can help you find your dream home:
  • Will you pay cash or getting a loan?
  • If you are getting a loan, are you already working with a loan consultant?  If so, please give us their name, number, and email.
  • Would you like the name of a loan consultant that many of my clients have been very pleased with?  Would you like to set up an appointment?
  • Do you have other people who will help you make your home-buying decision?  If, so who will that be?
  • How would you like to be contacted?  Please give us your email address, phone number, and/or mailing address.

Finally, please let us know if you have any other questions you would like to talk about.

Questions? Just Ask!

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