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You have your real estate buyer’s agent and you’re ready to begin searching in Clear Lake and League City for your perfect home. Not just any house, but your “HOME” where you will make memories. That sounds absolutely fabulous, doesn’t it? Here are some of the checkpoints to watch at this time:

Wishes and Needs Are Often Not the Same...Do You Know Yours?

What you wish for in your new home, and what you actually need, may not be the same.
  • There is something almost magical about putting your wants and needs down on paper and seeing them in writing!
  • This helps to clarify the home features you actually need, and those you wish for.
  • Get a clear picture of your plans for the future in your new home.
  • Our real estate Wishes and Needs List is only a click away, ready to help you decide…wish or need.

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What type of home community is right for you?
  • Subdivision; Homeowner Association; Deed Restricted; No Deed Restrictions; Waterfront; City; Rural.

What is your “Trampoline”?™

It’s easy to forget a feature that is important to you in your new home. This story might just help to remind you:

One day while I was showing homes to a couple, the husband would always get out of the car and immediately race to the backyard and look over the fence. Now mind you, there were times that he would have to jump up and down several times to get high enough in the air to get a good look over the solid wooden fence. Once, he almost met his wife and I back at the car before we could even gather our belongings (papers and pens) and get out of the car. “No, this one will not work! Let’s go on to the next one.” Both the wife and I were very confused at this point because the three of us had been very thorough (we thought) in selecting the six houses that we would be seeing. We knew the houses had the features and benefits that the couple had so carefully thought through and discussed at length!
Feeling very perplexed at this point, I asked him in a very polite way with a quizzical look on my face I am sure, if he would please share with us what is so exciting and important to see in each backyard? “Trampolines,” he said. “Trampolines?” “Yes, trampolines!” Being the informed real estate agent I am, I said, “If they do have a trampoline, I am not sure that it will come with the house.” “No, that is not a problem, you see we have a trampoline and I want just the right place for it in the backyard.”

“Oh, I see you want a back yard large enough to accommodate your trampoline,” I said. “Yes, I forgot to tell you that when you asked me if there was anything special that I had forgotten to mention that was a must for me.”

So, now there is one thing that I ask my home buyers: “What is your Trampoline??” Then I get to tell this story and it does help to bring the unforgotten features to mind. Isn’t it funny how a little story will help to jog one’s mind?

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