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Before you go shopping.- Yes, even before you get in the car to visit the first home to preview, I will make sure that IMPORTANT points are explained, and share some secret tips!

All contracts and disclosures are explained- even before finding your new home!

  • You'll have less stress if you know what to expect because you are fully informed!
  • You'll be more comfortable signing your name (to spend your money) if you know about all the legal documents already!
  • As we discuss real estate contract matters as they relate to each Clear Lake and League City home we view, or offer you are considering, it will be easier because you'll be familiar with the documents.
  • Without a doubt, I can hear you saying, "That is so true!"

Secret tips won't be secret for long!

  • Use our real estate tips from years of experience to easily narrow the number of houses you actually visit, leaving your mind free to really focus on those few that might be your perfect new Clear Lake and League City home.
  • Learn of this Clear Lake and League City REALTORS® "Unique 1-2-3 Drop-Off"™ approach that has years of proven success in the real estate industry.
  • Also learn about "The Blue House"™

Seventh Step: Making an Offer on the Clear Lake and League City Home of Your Dreams

You have narrowed the real estate search and have come up with your number one home choice. Now is the time to skillfully style your real estate offer. Aren’t you glad you've had such personalized guidance? Well, we're not finished yet. Let's carefully consider the following:

Our Pre-Offer Real Estate Checklist will help us carefully style your real estate contract.

  • We want the Seller to say "Wow, this is a serious buyer. Don't let this buyer get away!"

The Offer Acceptance Checklist makes sure the Seller has accepted all terms in your real estate contract.

  • I use this checklist to review the real estate documents forward and backward,inside and out, to check every provision, make sure all blanks are filled in, and all initials and signatures are in place.

Are Contingencies needed with your offer?

  • Contingencies say that you do want to buy the property but that certain things have to happen in order for you to go forward with the offer. Common contingencies include home inspections and loan approval, and most have set time limits.

Home Inspections show important facts about the condition of the property.

  • You may choose to have An Option Period in your contract, for a specified amount of time for a specified amount of money.
  • This is the time to have the house inspected to be sure you want to go forward with the offer. Both mechanical/structural inspection and pest inspections are highly recommended, and your home purchase should be contingent on these being acceptable to both you and your lender.
  • It is far less costly to pay the Option Fee and be able to walk away from the purchase than to buy a house that needs costly repairs. I'm sure you agree to that statement. Right?
  • During the Option Period, choose your insurance provider and get quotes for home owner's insurance.

Once your real estate contract is fully accepted, your lender will order a real estate appraisal.

  • If your new home appraises for less than the offer that you made, we'll be notified and can discuss your options.
  • However, please remember you do not have to buy a property that does not appraise for the offered sales price.

Keeping you in the loop and fully informed is our top priority and an absolute must.

  • We'll carefully watch the contract timelines, and stay in contact with you, your lender, the title company, and the seller's agent.
  • We keep you notified so you know what to expect each step of the way.
  • We even remind you when it's time to contact the utility companies to turn on the local utilities, so they'll be working the day you arrive at your newly purchased home.
  • You can "see", "hear" and "feel" that we want YOU to be fully informed and have a satisfied and comfortable real estate experience to buying your first home with our help!
  • We contact you in the manner you choose.

REALTOR® knowledge and experience of writing powerfully crafted real estate offers pays off for YOU as the Home Buyer.

Questions? Just Ask!

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